Tentacle Wars

Tentacle Wars

Attack your enemy with tentacles. As your microbes grow their attacks become more and more powerful. Sometimes your enemies are more powerful than you, but they can't compete with your clever tactics!
Tentacle Wars

Are tired of easy childish mini games? Then, here you are! “Tentacle Wars” is a great new strategy game for those, who would like to activate their brain activities. This free online game won't get you bored for sure! It will definitely make your brain work during all the day. Get ready for quite challenging strategy game!

Here your main objective is to fight enemy cells launching your tentacles and send energy through it. Also you should conquer neutral cells. Enemy structures will constantly attack you, so you must always attack back or they will grow stronger. But often their attacks will be more powerful than yours, but don't get confused and keep trying your logical best to win, especially on the last levels. The game is quiet complicated and demands a good level of logic skills.

In this free online strategy game you'll find many levels of different complity. You should display your brilliant tactics and logical skills to win! Complexity of the levels is persistently growing – there are more powerful cell structures to cope with. Mind, that last levels can be extremely hard!

Also remember that there is no “pause” in the game, so you should be very accurate and take decisions very quickly.

The control is the realized with left mouse button. Click on the cell and and drag the line to the enemy cell.

You are welcome to consult with the walkthrough and find out some necessary tips or think up your own strategy.

This incredible free online game offers you a great opportunity to advance your cerebral abilities, entertain and divert a little bit during a working day. If you are ready for real challenging free strategy game, then start playing right now!